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3 Tips to Pick the Best Ladies Swimwear this Summer

Summer is around the corner and you couldn't afford to miss out this time –" but why would you miss out?"

If the inability to decide which swimwear to choose is one of the reasons, then you're in the lucky spot.

The Internet is choked up with how-to's about this particular issue which 55% are clueless guides, but not this one. So you want to hear the truth? — Bikinis aren't the best ladies' swimwear out there and it has everything to do with your body type and comfortability.

If you care to know what that means, hang tight as I walk you through 3 tips to pick the best female swimwear this summer.

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3 Tips to Pick the Best Ladies Swimwear this Summer

Choosing which swimwear fits you doesn't follow the code – what's good for the goose is good for the gander; it's a "you" thing. It's a function of recognizing what makes you comfortable in your skin.

Also, your body type determines if you'll do well in boy shorts and what type and designs. However, here are 3 tips for the best ladies' swimwear this summer:

  • Motive. Motive
  • Be Comfortable in Your Skin
  • Body Type

#1. Motive. Motive. Motive

Hey gurl, what's up with you and this summer–what's the big plan? Are you going surfing waves, swimming in shallow waters, or just another summer to tan under the sun?

The best ladies' swimwear wear for surfing is a one-piece rash guard or a high-neck bikini top paired with board shorts. Materials like spandex are recommended here, for their quick-drying properties – make sure your brand knows its onion.

For Miss Little Lady Mermaid(swimming), go for a one-piece swimsuit made of polyester, nylon, spandex, LYCRA™, or a blend of the above. For sunbathing, anything goes, but one thing goes all; get comfortable.

#2. Be Comfortable in Your Skin

What you put in should be a second skin, you should be at least comfortable. The slightest sense of awkwardness is a "No". If you're cheeky and confident, that's a bikini or thong! At this point whether surfing, swimming, or sunbathing, make sure you're abreast doing so.

#3. Body Type

Wear swimsuits that compliment your body. Getting confidence at this is knowing your body type–are you endomorph, mesomorphic, triangle, squared, or pear shape?

Don't know what that is? Know your female body type here. Check out our Series 2 of 2 blog for another calculator variation

The point is, whether you're out surfing the waves, swimming, or tanning out, you should look your best—which is tied to how well your swimming outfit and body complement each other.


#1. Are bikinis the best ladies' swimsuits?

No, bikinis are one of the best, different wear means different things for different people at times.

#2. Any checklist for choosing ladies' swimwear?

When choosing your lady's swimwear, consider your comfort as the topmost priority.

Picking the best swimming is a personal thing. Know what you're comfortable in, your body type, and what you'll be doing at the beach (if not swimming).

However, the best swimming suits are high cut wears that offer flexibility, also, the material should be moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. Designs and Features consideration should come later after these 3 tips to pick the best ladies' Swimwear this Summer.

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