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Flare jeans - 6 tips how to style yours

Flare Jeans

Flare jeans, an iconic garment that originated in the 1960s and made a significant comeback in recent years, have once again become a wardrobe essential for fashion-savvy women. This unique style of jeans, characterized by a widened hem, can be found in various forms, each offering a distinct look and feel. In this post, we'll explore the different styles of flare jeans for women and how they cater to various body types and tastes. Click the tip name to get taken to your favorite pair of flare jeans!

1. Classic Flare

The classic flare, also known as the bootcut, is subtly elegant. It typically starts to widen just below the knee and continues to flare out towards the hem. This style is a great option for those looking for a slight flare that doesn't overwhelm the silhouette.

  • Best For: Balancing curvy hips and thighs
  • Styling Tip: Pair with a fitted top to accentuate the waist and elongate the legs

2. Bell-Bottoms

Bell-bottoms are the exaggerated version of flare jeans, widening dramatically from the knee down. This retro style is all about making a bold statement and embracing the vintage vibe.


  • Best For: Creating an illusion of longer legs
  • Styling Tip: Wear with platform shoes and a bohemian top for a complete '70s look

3. Crop Flare

The crop flare ends above the ankle, showcasing a more modern and playful take on the traditional flare. This style offers a fresh perspective and works beautifully in warmer weather.


  • Best For: Petite women, as the cropped length won't overwhelm the frame
  • Styling Tip: Team with ankle boots or statement heels for a chic ensemble

4. High-Waisted Flare

High-waisted flare jeans hug the waist and provide a flattering fit for various body shapes. The high waist combined with the flare at the bottom creates an hourglass silhouette.


  • Best For: Enhancing the waistline and flattering fuller figures
  • Styling Tip: Tuck in a blouse or wear a crop top to highlight the waist

5. Wide-Leg Flare

The wide-leg flare offers a relaxed and breezy feel, ideal for casual and comfortable outfits. This style gives off a boho vibe and is perfect for laid-back occasions.


  • Best For: Creating a relaxed and comfortable look
  • Styling Tip: Pair with a fitted tee or a casual tank top for a balanced appearance

6. Distressed Flare

Distressed flare jeans have intentional tears, rips, or frayed hems, adding an edgy touch to the classic flare. This style is perfect for those looking to inject some rock 'n' roll into their wardrobe.


  • Best For: Achieving a rugged and street-smart look
  • Styling Tip: Wear with a leather jacket and boots for an edgy ensemble


Flare jeans have stood the test of time and continue to evolve, offering women various options to express their individuality and style preferences. From the subtle elegance of classic flare to the bold statement of bell-bottoms, there's a style to suit every taste.

Understanding your body shape and what you want to accentuate or downplay can help you select the perfect pair of flare jeans. Whether you're embracing the vintage vibes or looking for a modern twist, the world of flare jeans offers endless possibilities.

The resurgence of flare jeans is not just a nod to the past; it's a celebration of femininity, versatility, and style innovation. Embrace the flare and add this timeless piece to your wardrobe for a chic and fashionable look that never goes out of style.

So, next time you're shopping for jeans, don't hesitate to explore the various flare styles. You may just find your new favorite pair! Shop yours today at ScarletAvenue.com!

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