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ways to wear swim caps and a swim cap

7 Reasons You Should Wear Swim Caps

You need a swim cap mainly for safety while under the water and during swimming; it can be inside a swimming pool or open water. Don't limit the effectiveness of swim caps for professional swimmers or endurance swimming, it's basic that you put it on even as a recreational swimmer. Give one to your kids too.

You weren't interested in swim caps because you never knew their purpose; the importance of wearing them and the dangers of not wearing one. For your safety underwater, it's important to wear a swimming cap. This article is aimed at showing you 7 reasons you should wear swim caps and the best swimming cap materials you should look out for.

Maybe, you may have second thoughts about getting swim caps for yourself and your family.

Swim cap and swim caps swimwear at Scarlet Avenue

What Are Swim Caps

Swim caps are caps for swimming. 

It does cover like any typical cap but without the sun shield. Added to that is the safety function of covering your ears and snuggling the fraying hairs, keeping your hair dry after a swim.

You can get swim caps for all head sizes. You'll get the right sizing for adults through adolescence to swimming infants.

Some swim caps like the Neoprene are made of similar materials as the wet suit; their nonporous nature ensures warmth and hair protection while underwater.

Others are non-porous but breathable while some are highly porous. Based on the need of the moment, you can opt for either breathable or non-breathable swim caps.

Swim caps are necessary for safety, although some people prefer to swim uncovered, well, that's allowed for in-house swimming pools but professional swimmers must put on swimming caps. The benefits are worth the trouble of having it.

7 Reasons You Should Wear Swim Caps

While enjoying swimming, be precautious about it and swim caps are a necessary swimming safety gear to have. One of the benefits of swim caps are for focal purpose and the rest are as follows:

  • Focused swimming: Picture this, for any reason you're trying your best to have the moment streaming underwater but your flowy hair just can't get off your face. You wouldn't have suffered such if you had your swim cap on. Keep hair off your eyes and mouth with swim caps.
  • Minimizes drag underwater: swimming can be exhausting but putting so much effort into stroking with little thrust is frustrating and that's because long hair causes drag in the water which reduces speed and makes swimming difficult.

  • Protects your hair from chlorine damage: swimming puts the hair at risk of chlorine attack which results in hair brittle and breakage. Save your hair from battling and spoilage with non-porous swim caps.

  • Keep your head warm: Freezing out early due to cold can be dangerous while swimming, swim caps trap the warmth so that you'll be comfortable in open or cold waters.
    • Safety signal: Swim caps support rescue missions. During an emergency, lifeguards or other swimmers would easily notice a distressed swimmer, making the rescue faster and life-saving.
    • Gives focus on Swimmer: Your fans, family and friends want something to spot from the crowd during a swimming competition or causal dive. Swim caps make it easy for their eyes to focus on you.
  • Eliminate Hair Caughts: Swim caps eliminate the risk of getting your hair hooked on ropes while in the swimming pool which is killing. Aside from that it shields your hair from debris while in open water, and you look kempt after a dive.

  • The above are a few of many of the advantages of swim caps, some few more include reducing the amount of water that enters your ears, for professional diving or one where communication is needed, swim caps help in keeping earbuds in place.
    It's a must to wear swim caps as a professional swimmers but it's only wise to put them on for recreational outdoors, however, failure to use swim caps may result in the reverse of the benefits mentioned above.

    How to Wear Swim Caps

    I know, "wearing swim caps is like wearing a typical hat" and that's not true because wearing swim caps has steps and precautions to it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wear swim caps:

    • Damp your hair: this step depends on the type of swim cap you're about to wear. Silicone and Lycra caps are easily won on slightly damp hair while latexs are to be worn on dry hair. This is an attitude to eliminate hair drag and cut when wearing the swim cap.
    • Hand positioning: keep your hands spread open and apart inside the cap to create a gap where you can begin to wear from.
    • Pack your hair: if you have long hair, so a ponytail with it or pack it with rubber bands. This is to enable the swim cap to cover everything, holding it in place.
    • Wearing the swim cap: as if you're crowning yourself, by coming down from sideways of your face, wear the cap. You're ready for a swim.


    #1. What are the best swimming caps to wear?

    It all boils down to what you want and the type of swimmer that you are. Here are some swim caps you should look for, material-wise:

    • Latex: Latex swim caps are breathable fabrics, tight fit, and have a tighter fit, best for competitive swimming.
    • Lycra or Spandex: Spandex are cozy feels, they snuggle not squizzy. They're porous and best for recreational swimmers.
    • Neoprene: made with similar materials for wet suits, protection oriented, keeps the head warm. Use this for open waters and endurance swims.

    #2. What swim caps do Olympians wear?

    The Olympians usually wear latex swim caps because of their tight fit and non-porous nature.


    Now you know the 7 Reasons you should wear swim caps and the best swimming caps. Also, you've known that getting one shouldn't slip your mind.

    However, they may not be mandatory for recreational swimmers and professional swimmers but it's necessary for safety purposes and engaged performance.

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